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Forum for the Future of Agriculture - March 27, 2018 in Brussels

Forum for the Future of Agriculture, the premier meeting place to discuss sustainable agriculture and environmental security, will be feld on March 27, 2018 in Brussels. 

Join the conversation and contribute to the dialogue at FFA2018.

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LEADER/CLLD Memorandum (Pravec, Bulgaria)

The outcome of international LEADER/CLLD conference in Pravec, Bulgaria, held on 11-12 October 2017 attended by representatives of more than 20 nations is the Memorandum.

European Rural Parliament 2017 - Fund for Rural Development

Proposals for a new European fund for community led local development have been launched by the 3rd European Rural Parliament, meeting at the vibrant village of Venhorst, in North Brabant, The Netherlands.

250 people representing rural communities in 40 European countries called, in the VENHORST DECLARATION, for a new era of “bottom-up” local development, based on local action by  [ ... ]

Pathways to LEADER

PREPARE experts involved in the publication of European Commisssion “Pathways to LEADER”, a guide to getting the LEADER approach up and running in the Western Balkans, Turkey and beyond.

1st Albanian Rural Parliament

President of PREPARE in the panel discussion about rural development at the 1st Albanian Rural Parliament in September 2017. More than 350 participants attended the well organized 3 days event at the Faculty for Agriculture in Tirana. Albanian Rural Network and IDM succeded to put LEADER measure in front of the discussions about the future rural development in Albania. Experienced experts and of [ ... ]

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