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About Prepare

PREPARE is a Partnership, a Programme and a Network

Partnership. The PREPARE partnership is a group of European and national non-government organizations. The partnership was created in 1999, and has expanded as new national rural movements have joined. 

For more information about the partner organisations, see PREPARE Partners.

Programme. The main activity of the partners is to run the PREPARE programme. The aim of this programme is to strengthen civil society and to promote multi-national exchange in rural development, with a main focus on the new EU member states of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as accession countries and the "new neighbours" of the enlarged EU.

Network. The aim of the PREPARE Network is to promote multi-national exchange between those who are involved (as individuals or organisations) in rural development anywhere in
Europe. It is an open network of individuals, multi-polar in nature, controlled by its membership, flexible in operation. For the time being, there is no subscription, unless the members later decide that there should be. The main medium of the Network is this Website. 

The main funder of PREPARE’s activities is the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.