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Letter on rural development networks 2007-2013

In July 2006, PREPARE wrote a letter to the European Commission and to Agriculture or Rural Development Ministers of all EU 25 member states plus Bulgaria and Romania. The letter offers suggestions related to the scope and structure of the rural development networks.

The rural movements of Europe - Vanessa Halhead

This PREPARE report on the Rural Movements in Europe is one of the first to attempt to document this remarkable 'quiet revolution' that is developing in rural Europe. Starting in the 1970s in the north of Scandinavia, 18 national rural movements have since been formed in 16 European countries, and the process of formation is continuing. The movements are rooted in the need to safeguard our rural communities and heritage against the tides of centralisation and urbanisation. They aim to empower the thousands of rural communities in each country to address their own development and to lobby for the policy changes needed to safeguard their future. These are civil movements, uniting the many villages and organisations working for rural development.

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The rural movemnts of Europe part 1
The rural movemnts of Europe part 2
The rural movemnts of Europe part 3