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PREPARE Gathering 2014

Finland and Estonia, 5-9 September 2014
30 participants from 23 countries participated at the series of events within the PREPARE Gathering 2014, held in Finland and in Estonia. Travelling workshops around Helsinki and Tallin were good inspiration for participants and several good practices, visited during the travel seem to be relevant for implementation in other parts of the Europe. Central event of the Gathering was the conference, devoted to the process of preparation for the next European Rural Parliament. Creative participants contributed significantly to that process and most of them expressed their enthusiasm about the raising the rural voice through national and European rural parliaments.

Available material:

Working Groups (WG) on the opportunities and challenges faced by the national networks in preparing for European Rural Parliament (ERP) 2015
Notes on Group 2: Processes which may be used in the national campaigns
Notes on Group 3: Financial Aspects of the 2nd European Rural Parliament

PREPARE Gathering 2013

4th - 7th September 2013 in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Networking for Sustainable Rural Development
PREPARE international gatherings are the main annual event of the Pan-European PREPARE network, organized each year in different country and region. In September 2013 more than 100 participants from about 20 European countries gathered in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Available material:

“Community Spirit Wins” - an introduction to PREPARE’s new book - prof. Michael Dower
Networking priciples
- Goran Šoster, PREPARE Coordinator and Mark Redman, ENRD Contact point
Notional Structure of a National Rural Development Network - prof. Michael Dower
NRN Joint Action: “Demonstrating the Added Value of Networking” - Mark Redman, ENRD Contact point
Preparations for IPA II - State of play
- Iwona Lisztwan, European Commission, Directorate General Agriculture and Rural development
My experience in rural networking - Ukraine - Rostyslav Kos
Pregled stanja poljoprivrede i ruralnog razvoja u Crnoj Gori i umrežavanje lokalnih NVO
- Ratko Bataković – Mreža za ruralni razvoj Crne Gore
Ruralni razvoj u Crnoj Gori – institucije i ostali akteri, njihovi kapaciteti, aktivnosti, umrežavanje... - Ratko Bataković – Mreža za ruralni razvoj Crne Gore
Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation Rural Development Program
Home made cheese project - Mohamed al Younis

TWG 2: Networking on the European level
TWG 3: Networking across ethnicities
TWG 4: Public – private partnerships



28. June - 2. July 2011 in Zlatibor, Serbia

PREPARE international gatherings are the main annual event of the Pan-European PREPARE network, organized each year in different country and region. In 2011 more than 150 participants from about 20 European countries gathered in Zlatibor, Republic of Serbia.

Available material:




To see photos from the event please visit the Gallery.




30. August - 3. September 2010 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

Networking in Rural Areas
Common Agriculture Policy Reform after 2013

PREPARE Gathering is the main annual event of the PREPARE network, organized each year in different country. This year 109 participants from 20 European countries gathered in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) from 30. August to 3. September 2010 to meet, to exchange and to learn from each other with common objective: contribute to integrated development of rural areas.

Available material:

To see photos from this event please visit the website's Gallery.

PREPARE Gathering 2009 in Slovenia and Croatia

The 2009 Travelling Workshops and Annual Gathering of PREPARE were organised from June 30 to July 4 in Croatia and Slovenia, with strong involvement of the Croatian Rural Development Network (HMRR) and the Slovenian Rural Development Network (SRDN, a partner in PREPARE).
It is a tradition in PREPARE to organise its main multi-national event each year in a different country and region of Europe. The main geographic focus of the 2009 event was South-Eastern Europe, especially countries preparing for or aspiring to EU accession. The theme of the Gathering was “Rural economic recovery and EU enlargement in South-Eastern Europe”.
The participants to the event came from:
  • countries in Central and Northern Europe which have national partners in PREPARE (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia); there were also representatives of the two pan-European partners in PREPARE, Forum Synergies and ECOVAST;
  • South-Eastern European countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Romania);
  • European institutions: representatives of the European Commission and European Parliament.
In total, there were 87 participants from 17 countries. In addition to the funding from PREPARE, obtained from a grant by the C.S. Mott Foundation, financial support to the event was provided by one of HMRR’s member organisations – ODRAZ – from a project financed by the Dutch government through Milieukontakt International, and by the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. SRDN and HMRR provided co-financing also from their own sources. It should be remembered that some of the refreshments were offered by the local hosts ( mainly by the Local Action Groups of the area, visited by the PREPARE Gathering participants), while some national delegations had their travel costs co-financed by national governments or UNDP.