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PREPARE Gathering 2014

Finland and Estonia, 5-9 September 2014
30 participants from 23 countries participated at the series of events within the PREPARE Gathering 2014, held in Finland and in Estonia. Travelling workshops around Helsinki and Tallin were good inspiration for participants and several good practices, visited during the travel seem to be relevant for implementation in other parts of the Europe. Central event of the Gathering was the conference, devoted to the process of preparation for the next European Rural Parliament. Creative participants contributed significantly to that process and most of them expressed their enthusiasm about the raising the rural voice through national and European rural parliaments.

Available material:

Working Groups (WG) on the opportunities and challenges faced by the national networks in preparing for European Rural Parliament (ERP) 2015
Notes on Group 2: Processes which may be used in the national campaigns
Notes on Group 3: Financial Aspects of the 2nd European Rural Parliament