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PREPARE Travelling Workshop and Gathering 2006 – Velehrad (Czech Republic) June 18-23, 2006

The PREPAREGathering 2006 was held at Velehrad, in south-eastern Moravia, Czech Republic, 21 to 23 June 2006. The theme of this Gathering was ‘The evolution and strengthening of Local Action Groups, and their role in Rural Development Programmes’. The Czech Republic, which was the venue for this Gathering, has a rapidly-growing number of Local Action Groups of the LEADER type. These Groups have formed a national Network, allied to the Czech National Rural Observatory which was set up in 2005 and which hosted the Gathering.


The Gathering attracted 71 participants from 22 countries. 52 of these participants took part also in three-day Traveling Workshops (June 19-21), during which five groups of participants travelled by minibus to different parts of the Czech Republic and were hosted by a total of 16 Local Action Groups.