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The list below contains websites of :

  • Partner organisations of the PREPARE Programme
  • Some of the organisations who have provided funding for the Programme
  • Key sources of information or help in aspects of rural development

In each case a brief explanation is given of who they are or what they offer.

Partner Organisations

  • Forum Synergies, transnational network for sustainable development
  • ECOVAST, the European Council for the Village and Small Town, a pan-European network with the aim of enhancing the well-being of the people and the heritage of rural Europe
  • Swedish Popular Movements Council, acts as a national network for the 4,000 local action groups which now exist all over Sweden.
  • Swedish Federation of Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies, an umbrella grouping of 23 independent organisations dedicated to enhancing an entrepreneurial spirit in rural areas and promoting a healthy environment in the countryside and in cities. (English)
  • Kodukant, the Estonian Movement of Villages, founded in 1997 as the focal point of the village movement in Estonia.
  • Hungarian Rural Parliament, established in 1998, wit the aim to promote dialogue and co-operation in rural Hungary, and to give voice to the ignored rural world.
  • Slovakian Rural Parliament, established in October 2000, with the aim to improve the quality of life in rural areas in Slovakia, in a sustainable way.
  • Slovenian Rural Development Network, established in early 2003 to inform and educate its members and the interested public, and to promote the well-being of rural people in Slovenia.
  • Polish Rural Forum created in February 2002, based on an agreement of cooperation between 42 Polish rural development organisations.
  • Finnish Village Action Association, the focal point of the village action movement in Finland.
  • National Rural Observatory- Czech republic, National network of Local Action Groups.

Organisations who have funded the PREPARE Programme

Key sources of information or help in aspects of rural development


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