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Cork 2.0: Conference and Declaration

Exactly 20 years after the ground-breaking European Conference on Rural Development in Cork, which concluded with the signing of the Cork Declaration on Rural Development, the European Commission, under the responsibility of Commissioner Phil Hogan has organised a second European Conference on Rural Development in Cork on 5-6 September 2016.

Attending were 333 people from a wide variety of stakeholders within the European Union. Representing our networks were Hannes Lorenzen (PREPARE Chairman, in his European Parliament capacity); Valerie Carter, President of ECOVAST; Staffan Nilsson, Chairman of our Swedish partner HSSL and of the European Rural Communities Alliance ERCA; Petri Rinne, president of our Finnish partner SYTY; Michael Dower, PREPARE Coordinator; and three representatives of the European LEADER Association for Rural Development ELARD.

Declaration, speeches and summaries of workshops are available here.

Under joint umbrella - European Rural Parliament - PREPARE, ELARD and ERCA disseminated common statement at Cork 2.0 Conference.