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PREPARE Organisation

PREPARE Aisbl is an international non-profit organisation with a seat in Brussels. PREPARE partnership of national rural organisations and a network of practitioners has a well-defined system of governance based on democratic principles. Key decisions are made by the PREPARE General Assembly, which consists of one representative from each of the PREPARE partners, i.e.:
  • Albanian Rural Development Network - represented by Sotiraq Hroni 
  • Croatian Rural Development Network - represented by Nikša Božić
  • European Council for The Village and Small Town (ECOVAST) - represented by Valerie Carter
  • Forum Synergies - represented by Hannes Lorenzen
  • Hungarian Rural Parliament - represented by Csaba Boha
  • Kodukant, the Estonian Village Movement - represented by Anneli Kana
  • Latvian Rural Forum - represented by Anita Selicka
  • Lithuanian Rural Communities Union - represented by Virginia Setkiene
  • National Network of LAGs in the Czech Republic - represented by Zuzana Guthova
  • Network for Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina - represented by Duško Cvjetinović
  • Network for Rural Development of Serbia - represented by Dragan Roganovic
  • Polish Rural Forum - represented by Urszula Budzich
  • Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia -  represented by Petar Georgievski
  • Rural Development Network of Montenegro - represented by Ratko Batakovic
  • Slovakian Rural Parliament - represented by Monika Slaninova
  • Slovenian Rural Development Network - represented by Goran Soster
  • Swedish Village Action Movement - represented by Staffan Nilsson
  • Village Action Association of Finland (SYTY) - represented by Kim Smedslund
  • Connecting Natural Values & People Foundation (CNVP) - represented by Ross Bull
  • Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo (NORDK)

The day-to-day management of the PREPARE activities is done by the PREPARE Executive Board Members, which consists of the following representatives:
  • Aris Adlers, President
  • Goran Šoster, Vice-President
  • Nikša Božić, Executive Board Member
  • Urszula Budzich, Executive Board Member
  • Leotrim Germizaj, Executive Board Member
  • Kim Smedslund, Secretary General
  • Anita Selicka, Treasurer.